The Highs and Lows of Cannabis in Hollywood

the highs and lows of cannabis in hollywood

Cannabis has had a long and complicated relationship with Hollywood. From its early days as an illicit substance to its more recent surge in acceptance, cannabis has gone through many highs and lows in the entertainment industry. As an experienced cannabis grower and user, I’m here to give you insight into this complex history – … Read more

How Cannabis has Changed the Music Industry Forever

how cannabis has changed the music industry forever

Cannabis has had a profound effect on the music industry, from influencing the creative process to transforming how it is consumed. As an expert cannabis grower and user, I am well-versed in its many applications. For years, I have studied the various ways this plant can be used to enhance artistry and creativity within different … Read more

From Refer Madness to Pineapple Express: The Evolution of Cannabis in Film

from refer madness to pineapple express: the evolution of cannabis in film

Cannabis use has been around for centuries, but its portrayal in film is a more recent phenomenon. The 1930s saw the release of Reefer Madness, which sensationalized and demonized cannabis users – a far cry from today’s sophisticated depictions. As an experienced grower and user of cannabis, I’m excited to explore how our beloved plant … Read more

Cannabis and Fashion: The Emerging Trend

cannabis and fashion: the emerging trend

Cannabis has always been a part of fashion. From the days when hemp was used to make fabric for clothing, cannabis has long been intertwined with style and expression. Now, however, it’s taking things even further. There’s an emerging trend in which cannabis is becoming more than just something you wear; it’s being incorporated into … Read more

Breaking Down the Role of Cannabis in Literature

breaking down the role of cannabis in literature

Cannabis has a long and complicated past, from its medicinal use to its illegal status in the 20th century. But did you know cannabis also plays an important role in literature? From ancient Near Eastern texts to modern American fiction, there are countless examples of how cannabis has been used as a tool for exploring … Read more

The Secret Cannabis Language Used Around the World

the secret cannabis language used around the world

Cannabis is a plant that has been used around the world for thousands of years, but what many people don’t know is that there’s an entire secret language devoted to it. As an expert cannabis grower and user myself, I’ve noticed this special vocabulary being passed down through generations – from one culture to another … Read more

The Rise and Fall of Cannabis in Sports: An Untold Story

the rise and fall of cannabis in sports: an untold story

Cannabis has been a part of the sports world for decades, and its rise and fall is an untold story that many have yet to discover. As someone with extensive experience in cannabis growing and usage, I’d like to take you on a journey through its history in sports – from its early days as … Read more

Cannabis in Gaming: The Untapped Market

cannabis in gaming: the untapped market

Cannabis and gaming have always gone hand in hand. For many, it’s a communal pastime enjoyed with friends or even an escape from the reality of everyday life. But what about those who want to combine their two loves – cannabis use and gaming? It’s becoming increasingly possible as more states legalize recreational marijuana use … Read more

The Leading Ladies of Cannabis in Pop Culture

the leading ladies of cannabis in pop culture

Cannabis has long been a part of pop culture, but it’s the leading ladies who have really made their mark. From television shows to Hollywood films and beyond, these women have become icons for cannabis users everywhere. They’ve helped to normalize marijuana use in society and to create an open dialogue around its consumption. As … Read more

How Cannabis has Changed the Art Industry Forever

how cannabis has changed the art industry forever

Cannabis has been a huge part of the art industry for decades, but over the past few years it’s changed drastically. As an expert cannabis grower and user, I’ve seen first-hand how this plant has revolutionized creativity in so many ways. From inspiring new forms of expression to creating entirely new genres of art, it’s … Read more