Quick and Easy Marijuana-Infused Desserts for Every Sweet Tooth

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quick and easy marijuana infused desserts for every sweet tooth

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy your favorite marijuana-infused desserts? If so, then this article is just what you need!

Here I will provide you with quick and easy recipes that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. As an expert cannabis grower and user myself, I can guarantee that these treats will be both delicious and potent – the perfect combination for any experienced connoisseur of edibles.

So let’s get cooking!


It’s no surprise that brownies have been a favorite dessert of stoners for decades – in fact, it was estimated by an online survey that over half of marijuana users had made or eaten cannabis-infused brownies in the past.

If you’re looking to make your own, you’ll need two key ingredients: edible oils and cannabis butter. The latter can be created easily enough with either quality flower buds or hash oil if you prefer stronger doses.

When making edibles, always start low and go slow; this is especially true when using cannabis butter as an ingredient since its potency varies depending on strain type and extraction method used. When measuring out your cannabutter, remember that 1 teaspoon is equivalent to 5 milligrams THC – so adjust accordingly depending on how strong you want the finished product to be!

Now comes the fun part: baking your delicious weed-laced brownies. For best results, combine equal parts melted cannabutter with regular vegetable oil before adding wet and dry ingredients together according to recipe instructions – just don’t forget to preheat the oven first!

With time and patience (and maybe a few taste tests), soon enough you’ll have some delectable edibles ready for consumption.

Onwards then – let’s move onto cookies next!


I’m an expert cannabis grower and user, and I love to make marijuana-infused cookies.

Decorating them can be just as fun as eating them!

When making the cookie dough, I like to use cannabutter and cannabis-infused oil so that I can get the right amount of THC in each cookie.

And don’t forget the fun of decorating the cookies with cannabis sugar for a special sweet treat!

Decorating Marijuana-Infused Cookies

Decorating marijuana-infused cookies is a lot of fun. I’m always looking for ways to make my edibles look as good as they taste and cannabis-infused cookies are no exception.

If you’re adding some creativity to your cannabutter, why not take it one step further with creative flavors and edible glazes? Just think about the possibilities! You could use buttercream frosting or even sprinkle in some chopped nuts for extra texture.

The options are endless when it comes to making your infused desserts unique. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they see how aesthetically pleasing their treats can be.

So go ahead and get creative – decorate those cookies and enjoy them with friends!

Making Marijuana-Infused Cookie Dough

Making marijuana-infused cookie dough is a great way to add some creativity to your cannabutter.

Once you have the cannabis-infused edible batter, the possibilities are endless!

You can start by adding in extra flavors like chocolate chips, butterscotch pieces or even marshmallows for an added dimension of sweetness.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try tossing in some dried fruits and nuts?

The options really are limitless when it comes to making delicious cannabinoid-rich treats.

Plus, baking with marijuana-infused butter adds an extra layer of flavor that just can’t be beat.

So go ahead and get creative – whip up some yummy edibles and enjoy them with friends!


Moving on from cookies, let’s talk about fudge. It’s a classic treat that can easily be infused with marijuana to make it even more delicious and special. Whether you’re making some basic chocolate fudge or adding nuts, marshmallows, candy bars, or chocolate chips, the possibilities are endless.

What I love most is just how quickly it comes together in comparison to other cannabis-infused desserts. All you need is some cannabutter, sugar, milk, and vanilla extract and you have yourself a batch of yummy weed-filled treats!

The great thing about this particular cannabis dessert recipe is that there’s room for customization – so everyone can give their own spin on it depending on what flavors they like best. You can also add different toppings or mix-ins such as crushed pretzels for an extra crunchy texture or peanut butter cups for added sweetness.

The key is to find the balance between your selected flavors so that all your ingredients complement each other without becoming overpowering.

If you want something cool and refreshing to go along with your homemade fudge then ice cream would be the perfect accompaniment! That said, if you’re looking for something truly decadent then why not try combining both these two dishes into one? Fudgy ice cream sandwiches anyone?

Ice Cream

I’m an expert cannabis grower and user, and I’m always looking for ways to make delicious and easy marijuana-infused desserts.

Making ice cream is one of my go-to recipes, and it’s surprisingly simple.

Once you’ve got your ice cream made, you can get creative with the decorations – sprinkles, chocolate chips, and marijuana-infused syrups make great topping options.

With these easy recipes, you’ll be sure to have an ice cream treat that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth!

Making Ice Cream

Hey there, cannabis enthusiasts! Are you looking for a delicious way to make the most out of your marijuana? Then look no further than making ice cream with it! Not only is it easy, but it can be tailored to fit whatever type of sweet tooth you have. Whether you prefer cupcakes or muffins – or both – this recipe will leave you in sugary heaven.

Making marijuana-infused ice cream requires just a few simple ingredients that are likely already on hand in your kitchen: butter (or coconut oil if vegan), sugar, and heavy cream. Start by melting the butter/coconut oil over medium heat until completely liquid; then add two cups of sugar and stir it all together.

Next, reduce the heat and slowly whisk in one cup of heavy cream until everything is mixed evenly and thickened. Finally, remove from heat and mix in your desired amount of ground marijuana buds before refrigerating overnight.

The next day you’ll be ready to enjoy your delectable homemade edibles – ready to give any sweet tooth its much deserved satisfaction! So go ahead and indulge yourself in some freshly made pot-infused ice cream without having to worry about running out anytime soon. After all, once you know how to make it you’ll never have to turn down an opportunity for a yummy treat again!

Decorating With Ice Cream

Once you’ve made your marijuana-infused ice cream, it’s time to get creative!

Decorating with ice cream is a great way to make your desserts look even more delicious. You can top off your creation with additional garnishes such as sprinkles, chopped nuts or coconut flakes, and edible decorations like gummy candies or dried fruit.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to making an eye-catching dessert – you can use chocolate chips, marshmallows, colored sugar crystals and much more for that extra special touch. With so many options at hand, the possibilities are truly endless!

To really impress your friends and family (and yourself!), try drizzling different sauces over the top of your masterpiece like caramel or fudge sauce. For something a little lighter on the palette, opt for fresh whipped cream or yogurt instead – both work equally well in adding texture and flavor to any icy treat. Plus they don’t require any extra effort; just spoon them into a bowl and you’re good to go.

No matter how you choose to decorate your homemade marijuana ice cream, we guarantee it’ll not only look amazing but taste divine too! So don’t be afraid to let loose with those creative juices – this is one recipe where there’s no wrong answer!


Cheesecakes are the pinnacle of marijuana-infused desserts, a heavenly treat that will send your taste buds into an ecstasy like no other.

As if regular cheesecake wasn’t already divine enough, adding cannabis to it takes it to another level!

There’s something so special about this type of marijuana-infused dessert – from vegan cheesecake to no bake options and everything in between, there’s sure to be one for every sweet tooth out there.

Here is a list of some delicious ideas:

  • Vegan Cheesecake with Coconut Cream Topping
  • No Bake Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake Bars
  • Mini Key Lime Pie Cheesecakes with Graham Cracker Crust
  • These recipes are simple yet impressive, coming together quickly and giving you amazing results every time.

    With just a few ingredients and very little effort involved, you can enjoy these delectable treats without any fuss or hassle – perfect for those who want their marijuana-infused goodies fast and easy!

    Moving on to pies…


    Making cannabis-infused desserts can be an exciting way to enjoy the herb while satisfying your sweet tooth. Pies are one of the best ways to do that, as they’re a classic dessert and have endless possibilities for flavors and fillings. You can make pie crusts out of ground up marijuana leaves or use infused butter when you bake them in order to get all those delicious cannabinoids into every bite.

    For example, why not try making some cake pops with a little bit of cannabis extract? Start by baking simple vanilla cupcakes and crumbling them up finely before adding melted chocolate and stirring it until everything is evenly combined.

    Then form small balls from this mixture, dip each ball into more melted chocolate and add sprinkles if desired before refrigerating for about 15 minutes. Finally, melt some more cannabis extract into oil before drizzling over the treats – just enough so it’s lightly coated but still packs a punch!

    Truffles offer another great option for an indulgent treat; combine softened cannabutter with cocoa powder, icing sugar and other flavorings like coffee liqueur or hazelnut syrup before rolling the mixture into small balls and coating in either dark chocolate or white chocolate chips depending on your preference.

    Enjoy these tasty morsels chilled straight from the fridge or warm them up slightly first if desired – either way they’ll provide a delightful edible experience!


    There’s something for every sweet tooth in this collection of marijuana-infused desserts. Whether you’re a fan of brownies, cookies, fudge, ice cream, cheesecake or pies there’s sure to be something here that will tantalize your taste buds.

    As an expert cannabis grower and user I can assure you these recipes are easy to follow and produce delicious results. Plus, each recipe is infused with just the right amount of THC so you get all the benefits without any psychoactive effects – perfect for those who don’t want to feel too high from their dessert!

    So give one (or more!) a try today and enjoy!

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